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Company Formation in Dubai Mainland, Freezone and Offshore

8 Years in Dubai Company Formation, Freezone and Offshore Company Setup

Sakhi Management Consultancy is a leading management consultancy based in UAE for last 8 years serving local and international clients. Our team of highly experienced consultants have an unrivaled knowledge to guide you on all matters related to company formation in Dubai Mainland, starting from finding the right location to setting up business, registration with Freezone or Mainland, obtaining license and visas, and facilitating opening of company bank account in Dubai or across the UAE.

We have UAE business setup experts who can help analyse your business and identify the district that will benefit your business the most. We will guide you through the entire process and make best use of our networks in concerned ministries to get quick approvals.

Company formation in Dubai Mainland
Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

Company formation in Dubai Mainland has its own distinct benefits. You get to do your business in the heart of Dubai without any restrictions. We have a distinct advantage as we work with all DED (Dubai Economic Department) and associated authorities in the UAE providing our clients the most up to date information and cost effective solutions for company formation in Dubai Mainland.

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Freezone Company Formation in Dubai or UAE
Freezone Company Formation in Dubai or UAE

The UAE freezone areas share a number of corporate incentives and advantages, as per design of the model. We can help analyse your business and identify the district that will benefit your business the most. We can help you process and submit the required documents to qualify your company for a location in any of these economic districts.

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Offshore company formation in UAE
Offshore Company Formation in Dubai or UAE

Establishing your own offshore company in UAE entitles businesses to many different advantages including 100% ownership and profits, exemption from tax and low operating costs. We will help you create a strategy for the formation of your venture, to ensure that every aspect of the setup process is ironed out properly and nothing is overlooked.

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Office in Dubai and UAE
Office in Dubai and UAE

Whether you’re looking for professional offices for your start-up, a temporary office for a growing business or a branch office for your corporation, we have the complete solution for you. Contact us now to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, meet our team and let us help you find the most suitable location for your company’s office.

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Additional Jurisdictions
Additional Jurisdictions

We also provide assistant for offshore company formation in the following countries: Singapore, Seychelles, Malaysia, St. Vincent & Grenadine, Hong Kong, Canada and India. To begin with kindly obtain a copy of our application form which acts as a guide in providing us the necessary information and documents for setting up a company.

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Additional business services uae
PRO and Additional Services

Regardless of whether your enterprise is a start-up venture, a fast-growing mid-sized company, or a highly-established brand in your industry, professional PRO services are necessary for trouble-free business. In addition to PRO, we also provide  staff outsourcing, accounting and auditing, project consultancy and recruitment services.

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Company Formation in UAE – Simple 4-Step Process

We strive to simplify the UAE business setup process for our clients so that they can do the least work in order to gain the most of our expertise. In fact, we have simplified the process for company formation in Dubai so well that you typically just have to be involved in 4 simple steps, in order to set up a new business in UAE.


Select your Company Type

We will guide you through the process of selecting the best company type for your business activity in UAE, whether Mainland, Offshore or Freezone


Apply for Business License

Once all the necessary documents have been obtained and formalised the company formation application process begins


Open a Bank Account

We facilitate you with opening a corporate onshore or offshore bank account in UAE


Visa Processing & Stamping

Finally, following your company’s incorporation, your UAE residence visa will be processed and stamped by the relevant authorities