Seychelles Company Formation

We offer you a chance to register company in the shortest time possible. By choosing Seychelles IBC you are guaranteed easy straightforward registration, efficient professional service and swift incorporation. Our professionals are always alert and ready to take care of your new business. Offshore companies are governed by The IBC Act 1994.

Seychelles IBCs as well as shareholders are both exempt from any profit or income taxes as long as the conditions below are met:

  • An IBC will not do business in Seychelles
  • An IBC will not own property or land in Seychelles
  • An IBC will not do insurance or banking without special license

Nevertheless, a Seychelles IBC is permitted to do all that is mentioned below:

  • Making deposits into Seychelles locally based bank accounts
  • Maintaining professional relationship with Seychelles accountants, attorneys, management and trust companies or other figures of a similar nature.
  • Holding shares in a different Seychelles IBC or in a home company.

The main advantage of a Seychelles IBC is that incomes and profits do not fall under any taxation. All of your earnings stay untouched so there is no danger of losing even a fraction of the. Additionally the Republic of Seychelles is a nation. Therefore, it does not report any confidential records to organizations overseas. A Seychelles IBC is not related and does not fall under the EU Tax law in comparison with other companies comply with the EU regulations (i.e. the UK and its territories overseas).

Seychelles has not entered nor signed any contractual agreements with foreign nations in exchange for financial help. Foreign businesses and investors substantially contribute to the country`s development. Subsequently there is a public and government interest to support the IBCs thus keeping the status of a viable and competitive offshore solution.Other advantages of the Seychelles companies: